The Truth

The truth isn't quite what some think

Another Wednesday, another flash fiction. Enjoy the story!

My heart sank with each tower stair. If she reached her chamber, I’d never get her out. Rounding the last curve, I saw the open door and stopped. Why’d she leave it open? Treading lightly, I moved along the wall to peer into her room.

Elaine stood in the chamber’s center with an open book in her arms. Her eyes, however, were on me. “Took you long enough. Close the door behind you,” She said turning away and replacing the book on the shelf.

Glancing down, I took a breath and stepped through the frame and into the magician’s chamber, drawing my sword. There was no chance I’d close the door though. “Surrender now.” I used my bravest tones and was grateful none of my armor chose to rattle. Not that the others would have known, they were all cowards at the base of the tower.

She turned back toward me, her face blank as she raised her hand and snapped her fingers. The door slammed shut behind me. Turning I grabbed the knob, but it was stuck, better then locked. I rattled the door a few times to be sure.

“Are you done yet?” Elaine asked behind me.

I spun back toward her placing my back against the door. “I’ll never surrender, witch!”

“Good, I don’t need a coward.” Elaine settled into her chair. “Just someone willing to listen. The truth isn’t what most think. Will you learn?”

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