She forgot the meaning of infamy

Another Wednesday, another flash fiction. Enjoy the story!

Alessia paused just inside the tavern. Heads swiveled her followed by a narrowing of eyes and hands reaching for guns. Heh. That was one part of coming here she’d forgotten, everything being infamous meant.

Raising her chin, she walked over to the bar. Kurt lounged against the bar a bit of the way down watching suspiciously. “I’m not serving you,” he said. The words were casual, but his posture spoke otherwise.

Alessia forced a smile. “Wasn’t asking.” She folded her hands and stared at the wood. Amazing what was interesting when waiting. And waiting. Looking around only garnered another round of glares. Sheesh, it’d been a decade. Let it go already.

Unannounced, Ollie plopped down on the next stool. Raising a finger, she summoned Kurt. Ollie placed an order she didn’t pay attention to and she realized they were both staring at her. Well, Kurt more scowled.

“I’m sorry, I missed that?” she said glancing at Ollie.

“I asked what you wanted.” Ollie said grinning. Alessia knew it was her mischievous one.

“Nothing,” she said flatly refusing to look at Kurt, but he retreated happy sounding enough.

“Did you get it?” Ollie asked.

Alessia reached into her pouch and pulled out a. . . gizmo. Still didn’t know what it was for. “It had better be worth it.” She muttered.

“Oh, it will be.” Ollie said snatching the thing up. “Should we have fun before leaving town?”

Alessia glowered at Ollie.

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