Story’s Ending

I wish I could tell you that you're going to like this story

Story number 1 of the next five years. Yesterday I celebrated the 5th anniversary of the blog with a special, longer flash fiction (if you haven’t read it please do!). Today I moved along to the next five years. Seems about right to me. I hope you enjoy the story. Please share the story or comment below.

The wind was as unsettled as my nerves as I tucked Sevaum into this bed. Green eyes fluttered open, unfocused. “Shhh,” I soothed.

“Story,” Sevaum mumbled shifting under the covers. I nodded, relenting. “Dragon boy!”

I paused considering the well told fable and shook my head. “That’s for babes. Tomorrow’s your tenth midsummer.”

Sevaum scrunched his nose looking the babe I’d carried here. “What then?”

“I’ve an important story this night,” I paused watching his eyes sparkle.

“A wonderful story?”

I turned, inspecting his blanket’s weave. “I wish I could say you’ll like this tale, but it’s important.” He huffed folding his arms grumpily. “Perhaps you’re not yet old enough.”

I started to rise and Sevaum grabbed my hand. “Tell me!”

I nodded and resettled. “Once there was a dear king and his most trusted aid Larith. . .” I dove into the tale, somber and quit. His eyes fluttered closed before the end. I kissed his forehead and left, closing his door softly.

I sat by the fire until a rapping sounded on the door. Opening the door, I stood aside for the cloaked figure.

He pushed back his hood when the door closed. “Biassa,” he said bowing his head.

“Larith.” I looked to my son’s room. A hand touched my shoulder. “Tell me he’ll be victorious?”

“I can’t.” His voice was soft. “This story was unfinished.”

“Only a new chapter.” I nodded mourning the dawn and Sevaum’s training. A step closer to whatever end awaited him.

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