You must be mad coming here like this

This week’s story venturing back to the land of steampunk. Take a mid-week break and relax. At least for under 250 words.

Mist drifted through the air as Tilley was marched into the room. Turning her head, she coughed in the goon’s direction. Thomas Brijesh looked up from his workbench, his monocle enlarging his eye garishly. He blinked and tucked the instrument away pressed her into a seat opposite of Thomas. And kept pressing. “I’m down. I’m down,” Tilley said hunching over in the chair. However short they thought her was obviously overestimated.

The pressure didn’t release until Thomas nodded to the man. Tilley could feel the man’s hovering nearby though. Thomas tidied up his table ignoring her as he tucked more tools into drawers. Oh good. She wouldn’t have to delay much herself. She turned her head to inspect the room, but that nearby hand forced her forward again. Right. Eyes on Thomas.

“Tilley Nimat,” he said chuckling slightly after her name. “I never expected you to walk in. You must be mad coming here. Or have you decided to accept my offer.”

Tilley shrugged. “Mad is a relative term, and my opinion on your offer hasn’t changed a whit.”

Thomas stopped and sat back watching her. Smart man being suspicious. “Then why come?”

Tilley twitched her nose. Was her timing off? A thump sounded behind her. Ah there.

Thomas rose from his seat, one hand still gripping its arm as he paled. Tilley sat back in her chair and smiled. “I found a new bargaining chip.” She coughed lightly in his direction. “Should we renegotiate you releasing my brother?”

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