SLCC16 Treasures Hidden

Dragon Pet

Salt Lake Comic Con has come to a close. Did I Mark Hamel’s massive panel. Nope. Did I make any of the other panels? Nope. Did I make it and have a blast without doing that stuff? Yes!

The last question’s answer was a bit of a surprise to me (the first two wouldn’t be if you know me. Sab, but not a surprise). Almost two months ago I sprained my ankle when a green dragon hiding in the grass grabbed it when I walked by. In the great history of my foot injuries I am healing slowly, so I debated for a while if I should just skip this year. Some good friends kept me from doing that though. Thank you!

Dragon FriendsThe vendor floor by itself is a blast. There’s nothing like finding a spot and watching the cosplay go by. I couldn’t even begin to guess what all them where, but they were fun. I wish I’d gotten a picture with an Astrid I saw who even had her dragon’s plushy. Yes, I might like dragons a bit. I even got a new dragon pet that wraps around my wrist and Sad Dragon made the scene on the hunt for some new dragon friends. These guys from Zombie Nation already had homes though.

Most of the time though I spent searching for Disney Princesses to help introduce them to Philo Barnhart. He was an animator at Disney previously and worked the Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, the Secret of Nimh, and so much more. The expression of people’s faces when they realized he was there was incredible. I especially loved the expressions of the Ariel playing she didn’t have her voice. While she may not have said anything, her body language certainly did. A bunch of mermaids even made the voyage over to meet him.

Little PrincessMermaids and Philo

That booth wasn’t announced on the con’s Facebook page and the people’s reaction at learning it was there taught me something. You never know what gems are hidden at such an event. Rushing to panels, photo ops, and the big things can be fun, but don’t overlook the hidden wonders. They are around every corner and partition.

Or sometimes around a diner table. Evenings after the con is quickly becoming my favorite part by going out to dinner with varying groups from the con. Sure we’re all tired and sore from going all day, but the conversation is still lively and they are my people. Even when I’m dead tired I could sit and listen to the debates on some piece of technology or literature, reminiscences of the past, and extrapolations on where we are going. Those times produce the best new memories and create friendships.

The best part of #SLCC16 for me is the hidden treasures not on the program.

4 thoughts on “SLCC16 Treasures Hidden

    1. It was fun and I completely understand not doing crowds. The first one I went to was more condensed (not less people though) and I ran into some problems from that. Booths are great for having your own space in the midst of the chaos though. Whether they are your own, some good friends who take pity on you, or volunteering to help another.

    1. I love having a dragon curl up around my wrist and the glowing green eyes are definitely a plus. So far, I’ve managed to make at least 1 day of every SLCC thanks to some great friend’s prodding.

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