Dragon Days


Purveyors of wisdom. Keepers of hordes. Dragons.

Hanah Swedin and her Dragon
Hannah Swedin: Dragonspainter

Con season has begun again. For me it’s started with LTUE. This one I’ve been going to since elementary school. Over the years, I’ve seen it change greatly, but I’ve changed too as has what I want.

What’s this have to do with dragons? Yes, it’s a science fiction and fantasy symposium and people are likely to have dragons about them. While there might be dragons in jewelry, books, plushies, or costuming pieces, these not the dragons that excite me here (okay, I love these dragons too. But work with me). What I have grown to love about going to LTUE is the people, dragons both aged and wise and young and ambitious.

My Pet Dragon

Today, I’ve had a chance to sit and just enjoy myself and the surroundings. Panels and presentations may be great, but take the time at LTUE to stop and visit with others there. Use this chance to connect as much as to learn sit and listen. You never know who you may find wandering down the hallways or sitting at the next table. Unlike the huge cons, smaller ones provide more opportunities network.

When you’re there, you know everyone there shares the same interests and passions. Why not take advantage of that? Everyone has something they can teach you, or something you can teach them. Use these times to build a community and you’ll benefit longer than if you sitting listening passively one face in a crowd. Stop. Visit with friends old and new.

Dragons are all around.

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