David Takes the Stage

Today author Johnny Worthen launched is book “David” by hosting a party at the King’s English in Salt Lake City. I’d had the pleasure of reading the first two books in the Unseen series, or perhaps the displeasure of discovering book 2 ended in a cliff hanger. If you dislike cliff hangers. Personally I like them. Those endings leave me pondering what could happen next and make me engaged in wanting to know what will happen next. They don’t leave me disinterested.The Unseen: David

So after waiting I was excited to get to attend Johhny’s book launch and to visit the King’s English, a story I had somehow managed to never visit previously. The second I walked in the door it was the feeling of an old fashioned bookstore. Out back was a vine covered porch setup with Chairs facing the author. Tragically, due to life we had missed the start of the signing, but not getting to see Johnny or supporting him.

As with most writing events in the area, we ran into people we knew and some we did not. The best part of a signing for a young adult novel is getting to watch the younger readers pick up the book. I connected with books when I was younger, I am pleased see children connecting as well. Even toward the end, there was excitement and buzz for this concluding book. I managed to snag the last copy the store had and can’t wait to read it. I might have already peaked at the first paragraphs.

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