They couldn't be allowed to fight

Not everything is always what it seems. However, this is in fact a bit of flash fiction to entertain you in the middle of the week. Enjoy and be sure to leave a comment below.

This was a disaster. Sue raced across the ring’s edge dust drifting behind her. She grabbed ahold of Luke’s sleeve. “You have to stop this,” she whispered.

Luke looked at her and then waved someone off. Probably guards “King Xavier, peasant” he said loudly.

“Fine, King Xavier,” she rolled her eyes, “You must stop this.” She pointed at the match about to begin. Jonah and Connor emerging from the shadows, swords in hand as they paced closer to each other.

Luke snorted. “Why would I call them off?” He waved at the crowd roaring and on their feet. “This event is beloved by all.”

Sue snorted folding her arms. “Because the safety is broken. I told you that last night.” Connor and Jonah were closer to each other now. And someone’s death.

Luke waived dismissively. “I checked. Dr. Richter assured the safety couldn’t be broken. Too many redundancies.” He shrugged.

“They could if he broken them!” Sue screeched.

Luke grabbed her arm, glowering. “Not now, Sue,” he hissed. “You’re not ruining my session just because yours failed.”

“I’m not,” Sue said. “I don’t want our friends to die in this simulation.”

“Impossible.” Luke glowered and shoved her away. She stumbled hitting a bench, and her knee collapsed under her. Luke rose falling back into his roll with a smile. “Let the games begin!”

Sue gapped at Luke. The idiot. Rolling, she shoved herself up grabbing a spear. She hobbled toward the ring. If he wouldn’t stop their fight, she would.

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