Squeeze Through

I always wanted to be taller - until that night

Sometimes going can be harder than staying, what would make you choose hardship? Enjoy this weeks bit of flash fiction!

I jerked as Tess screeched. “We have to fit where?” I glanced about certain guards would spring through a door or window.

Naft looked ready to holler back, but kept his tongue by not saying anything. Instead he pointed at the trunk.

“Tess.” I touched her shoulder. “It’s not so bad.” As far as trunks went. I’d never been so glad to be short. Trouble was Tess wasn’t small. The two of us would be a squeeze.

Tess scowled at me. “Your choice,” Naft said, “Decide quick. I leave port in twenty.”

Naft moved to the door, ostentatiously to check on patrols, but more likely to give me time to talk sense into Tess. “Tess, there isn’t a choice. It’s get in there. . .” I trailed off. The alternative wasn’t worth risking summoning.

Slumping, Tess nodded. “I know. I just hate small spaces.” Her voice broke as she spoke and I wanted to comfort her, but there wasn’t time.

“Why don’t you go first,” I offered. “Get as comfortable as you can.”

Gulping Tess moved toward the trunk and I knew Neft has been eavesdropping when he appeared a moment later and helped her climb in. Just how many times had he done this? Tess, settled I followed quick.

I grasped her hand as the trunk jolted into movement. She squeezed back, a bit hard, but I was relived it was happening. We were escaping Galaede. I whispered, “He’ll never find us now,” I prayed the words were true.

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