Not a Dream

The man was dreaming

With the Grifty Shades of Fey Kickstarter ongoing, I might have had the Fair Folk on my mind a bit this week. Enjoy this week’s story and then go support the Kickstarter to read more stories about the tricksey fey.

The stars were dancing above. Declan swayed slightly to the side as hands grasped his shoulders. He twisted looking behind him. She stood there, as tall as he with hair the color of a flame and her gown to match. A warm fire calling him to stay and warm himself. He would have almost thought the wings part of the gown if he hadn’t seen them connect to her flesh.

Declan turned and looked back at the stars. “I am dreaming,” he whispered as the stars stretched into a ling racing over a cavern in the hill he knew hadn’t been there yesterday.

“Dreaming?” she said behind him, her hand slipped from his shoulders lightly down his back. He shivered as rested low. “No, not dreaming. But I could make your life a dream.”

She traced his waist until her hand touched his wrist, encircling it and drawing him away. Declan opened his mouth to protest but couldn’t find the words. No, he didn’t want to lose contact with her.

They moved slowly, but unerringly toward the hill and into the cavern. He coughed as dust filled the air and she released his wrist. Twisting, he found himself facing a dirt wall. Rushing toward earth, he beat his hands against the wall, but it didn’t give.

“There’s no point to that,” she said all sweetness gone from her voice. Turning, her flames were threatening now, not cheerful. “You’re mine.” Her eyes narrowed greedily.

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