Excess can be illustrated in many ways

This is Ollie’s third outing my flash fiction. Let me know if you’d like to see more of her in the comments below.

The door creaked and dust puffed up from the floor. I twitched my nose looking into the room. Shelf, after shelf, after shelf. Each filled with more books than I’d wanted to see, forget read. “Why’d they dig the thing so big?” I would’ve been amused with my voice echoing, but I knew what was coming.

Josephine jerked as if I’d struck her. “Big? It can hardly house–” She squeaked, cutting herself off as the door thudded shut behind us.

“The mechanic,” I said rolling my eyes. “You knew it wouldn’t stay open ling.” She nodded running her hands over her skirts. Ladies like her could say what they wanted, but I wasn’t going believe anyone needed fabric that flat.

“Right then.” She said, nodding for herself. The bob certainly didn’t do me any good. She walked over to a shelf running her finger along the row of books.

And kept it up for a good ten minutes.

“So, where’s the answer?” I asked pulling out a knife and flipping it. Josephine didn’t respond so I repeated my question. Still nothing. I threw my knife so it thunked into the wood near her. She turned frowning. “Can we find answer here or not?”

“Of course, we can.” Josephine sniffed. “I just need time.”

“Rolling my eyes, I grabbed a chair and straddled it. I glowered at the room. Whole place seemed excessive to me. Searching for words? Bah, give me a straight answer.

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