That's my name and I'll fight to prove it

Another Wednesday, another flash fiction. Enjoy the story!

I’d thought escaping the mirror would be the hard part. I’d been hopeful as I loped out of the cave. That feeling deserted me though as I’d been tied up with way too much firewood around me. This was her fault.

She stood in the crowd, my brothers arm around her and wearing my face. “You won’t win.”

She turned her face, hiding it against my brother. “She’ll curse me! Can’t they burn her faster?” she pleaded. I watched his grip tighten protectively. I also saw the slight turn and her grin. I would’ve cursed her if I could’ve. I didn’t even have a name to call her.

Flames caught in the kindling and I back up instinctively. “Kaewan!” I screamed my brother’s name as I twisted in the bonds.

“Silence witch,” he said. His eyes narrowed and his forehead creased. Why did he have to be a stubborn fool? There wouldn’t be any changing him mind.

I cough as smoke surged around me. How could the fire have kicked up so quickly? At least it wasn’t too hot, yet.

A hand touched my arm. Through watering eyes I saw Nilaf, a knife in his hands. He sliced my bonds, pulling me away as he threw a burning log into the crowd.

We dashed out of the smoke into the screaming mass. I caught sight of her fleeing with Kaewan and glowered.

“Come,” Nilf hissed. I nodded, but I’d be back. She wasn’t keeping my name. I wasn’t done fighting.

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