Why is he bleeding

Welcome to Wednesday’s flash fiction wherein I write, as part of a group, a flash fiction based on the same short prompt and post the story. I hope you enjoy this week’s contribution.

I froze at the question.

Turning, Mislav’s head rolled banging into mine. “Uhh. . .” The sterile walls provided no inspiration.

“Why is he bleeding?” Calanthe repeated.

I shrugged. “Tube system testing went wrong?” Maybe straightforward would through her.

“The new system?” Her glower turned to metal scorching levels. “The system you were told wasn’t ready yet?”

“That’s the one!” I said feigning cheerfulness as I hefted Mislav back up.

Calanthe shook her head. “Med bay,” she said pointing.

“That’s the plan.” Turning I bolted before calling back. “Oh, you might check cracked hatch.”

Cussing hurried us down the halls.

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