If you do this, you will be dead to me

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“Don’t do this.” I swiveled. Even with light washing her features, I knew it was Sarina in the doorway. “Asher,” her voice broke, “don’t do this.” I turned back to my station, finishing my preparations. Departure was only an hour away.

Hands rested on my shoulders and her forehead against my head. “Please,” she repeated more a breath than a word.

I stopped and placed a hand over one of hers. “I have to, Sarina.” I knew she felt my shaking.

“You don’t want to.” Her other hand cupped my head.

I turned back, taking both of her hands. Red sagging lines marred her cheeks failing to conceal her paleness. “Want? I need to go. The alternative is unthinkable.”

“I need you here.”

I shook my head. “You need me there. If I don’t go…” I sniffed. I still couldn’t bring myself to say the words, but I was free of the ravage, one of few able help the afflicted. Like Sarina.

“Go and you might as well be dead.” Her voice broke and she swayed as she stepped backward. Grabbing her, I pulled her to me before she toppled.

I closed my eyes. “If I stay you’ll die.” The truth hung between us. Sarina looked away, biting her lip. “I’ll be with you. Saving you.” I whispered. I would be within her, repairing battling the nanites wrecking her, keeping her alive.

“But never with me.” Looking at her I hated the choice, but I wanted her to live.

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