In the Shadow Wild Woods

Someone once told me that

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

Alfren knew he stood in the woods. Trees had surrounded him moments before. And yet… they’d melted away leaving him in night’s darkness leaning toward the music.

Her bow running over strings floated the melody which filled not just his ears, but his soul. He yearned to run to her but could only watch.

Her eyes remained downcast watching the violin made of mist and shadows ignoring him and the butterflies whose wings gleamed in pale light, but not moonlight. For whatever magic created this wonder hid the moon as well.

The song slowed, a final note holding infinitely long. Alfren reached out still unable to voice his plea she play on. His heart shattered at the hint of losing her melody.

One he could not name.

One he knew intimately.

But the final reverberations faded into silence and the butterflies drifted away.

Lowering her bow, she raised her gaze to him. Alfren gasped. Her impossibly pale eyes locked on him, pulling what little remained of his soul.

A hand shook him demanding attention, rolling him off his stomach. He blinked into early morning sunlight.

“Are you mad, lad sleeping in the Shadow Wild Woods?” The man yanked Alfren to sitting. “Only fools walk the Night Mistress, stealer of souls’ domain by night.”

Alfren heard the man’s words. Recognized them even. Yet they seemed distant. Insignificant. The part of him that heard responded “Someone told me that… once.” The rest listened to her music still singing in his mind.

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