Halloween in Space

Fyretober 2021

Fash fiction for day 9 for Fyretober has arrived! I hope you enjoy my take on today’s writing challenge from Fyrecon’s Fyretober!

I hated the holiday. Even on earth it had never been my favorite. The onset of darkness. The turning from warmth to cold. There was distance about the holiday which too many ignored in their fevered pitch to become this character of that.

Back then I’d have done anything I could to get out of the school parties and other. Even if it meant watching the house while mom and dad took my little siblings around the neighborhood. At least then I could turn on every light and only engage when the bell rang, which my sour disposition quickly turned kids off of.

Mom and dad had blamed it on my being a teenager. Surly and uncooperative.

I wonder what they’d blame it on now?

Now that I was more miles away from Earth and the core of the holiday than I’d ever dreamed of being. Hurtling through stars toward who knew where. But even here I couldn’t escape it, and Halloween in space added a whole new level to the experience.

Those pretending to be ghosts had somehow convinced the engineers to turn on the grav. I pressed myself against the wall as one hurtled down the hallway wailing between fits of laughter. Why the captain allowed this I still couldn’t imagine. No matter how patiently he’d tried to explain it.

It had been hard months. They need to blow off steam and this is harmless.

A hulking behemoth tromped past me, his mechanical claws ripping at the hall carpet. Oh yes, harmless. I made a quick note of his name. He could at least be on the detail to fix it tomorrow.

Eyes still on my reader, I yelped when I crashed into someone. Looking up I couldn’t tell who was behind the pale makeup and prosthetics, they’d obviously spent far too much time perfecting the look. How they’d managed to elongate the eyes to mimic an Andred’s I couldn’t tell.

“Ha, ha,” I said attaching the reader to my belt. “I’m sure everyone is getting a laugh at you impersonating an Andred especially since our system’s still sparking from their last attack.”

She looked at my, tilting her head to the side. Then further. “A–” The word didn’t even manage to make it out of me before her knife plunged into my side and I slumped against the wall.

No, I really didn’t like Halloween.

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