Stuck in a glass elevator with a mime. Again

Another Wednesday, another flash fiction. Enjoy the story!

Elrad frowned. He was in the elevator again. Stepping to the windows he scowled. The city spread with lights like a jewel box. She’d be behind him again. If he turned she’d be there in her black and white glory. If he didn’t the dream wouldn’t advance. Which was worse?

He turned to the mime. She sprang to life, an old movie that didn’t mesh the world. She pointed relentlessly at the door.

“Enough with the door. It’s unopenable. There’s no way out of this nightmare and my life. . .” He shuddered. Life wasn’t better. Was it?

She was persistent. That bloody door. Shaking his head, he watched it come. A white light dissolved the city. He closed his eyes as it reached the building. He’d wake soon. But to what?

She bolted upright. Her head jerked as wires restrained her. She reached removing the cords irritated. She’d failed again.

“Nediva?” Pausing she turned to Jonam. His shoulders slumped as she shook her head. “He still doesn’t believe you.”

“He doesn’t hear me.” She pulled the last wire away and rolled off the table. “Get the audio working.”

“I’m trying. . .” His shoulders slumped under the weight of failing. A burden they shared.

She grabbed the ready bottle gulping water greedily. The headaches were getting worse. “Just keep trying. When’s our next window?”

“In twelve hours.” Twelve hours. How many more tries before their leader, hope, her husband, was gone for good?

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