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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, everyone! As a treat enjoy a bonus flash fiction this week!

Adili fluttered her wings as the floor dropped out beneath her. She reached up by instinct and placed her hand against the red ceiling descending rapidly. Beyond the walls she could hear glass chime. Was it time again?

The red swirled on the walls until only a blush of pink remained. Her prison translucent enough to see her jailor. He raised the globe on its chain bringing it level to his eyes.

Adili fluttered toward the wall nearest him and glowered briefly as his features became clear. Ignoring him she looked about the room. Frost crossed the windows battling against the fire burning high in the chamber, the mantels were draped with pine boughs, and table was set.

The orb shook around her and she turned back to the man scowling. “Finish the decorations,” he said pointing. Adili glowered and shook her head. His grip tightened, as he twisted the chain around his hand. A moment later he spun the globe in a circle.

Her wing folded under her as she struck the wall unable to keep up with the movement. Each spin shortened the rotation as the cord wound around his wrist. The globe jerked to a stop as it reached the end of the cord.

There! His hand was against the orb. She shoved off the surface and flew at his, slamming her hands against the glass. She pushed her will into the glass heating it. Hot. Hot. Hot. Hot. The air steamed about her fogging the glass.

He gasped shaking the orb away as he released the cord. She flung herself at the floor fluttering her wings as quickly as she could, speeding the ball toward the ground. It struck the ground and she felt herself flung away from the wall. The ball spun rolling and slowed, still intact.

Her mouth opened scream, but no sound came out. Her prison held and her voice was still his. He picked up the cord lifting her slowly from the ground. “Did you truly think that would work?”

Adili scowled rubbing a tear from her face. She flicked her finger and light sprang from it seeping through the glass as he allowed. The lights settled across the room completing his display. She allowed the greatest light to settle on the tree. Not for him. For them. She stared at the other orbs on the tree.

She curled up as he looked about and must have approved. The walls deepened in color until she couldn’t see beyond. Couldn’t see except for the light her cage settled next to. If she could see the light, perhaps, perhaps the others could as well. She closed her eyes resembling the other orbs dotting the tree. Perhaps one of them would see and find the way free.

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