Sibyl’s Scriptorium Vol. 5

Sibyls' Scriptorium Volume 5 edited by Author Jenna Eatough
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Welcome to Sibyl’s Scriptorium, Volume 5. Within these pages are flashes of worlds beyond our own from ghosts unable to rest to trees reaching for the light. Prepare to see how far you’d go for a dream, to fight for justice, or to save exiled magic. First though, a look behind to see what happened and a glimpse of what is to come.

This year, our cover art was provided by Rob Carlos, an extremely talented artist we are delighted to have grace our cover with our first full color illustration. His Illustration Finding Fantasy beautifully depicts the sense of wonder that can lead you in any direction. The many pathways open to creatives are reflected in the four contests or cornerstones of Sibyl’s Scriptorium.

The Æther Illustration, DragonComet Short Story, Odyssey Poetry, and PhoenixMoon Graphic Novel contests continue to offer anyone an opportunity to put their skills to use. These contests each showcases different skills beautifully utilized by the entrants to create worlds beyond our own, and ideas to enrich all. Those showcased in this anthology are great examples of the best in each division.

2018 was an excellent year for the contests. We’re delighted to see more children participating from outside of our area. We strive o give a practical experience to our learners which can be especially important for our Young School Age and School Age divisions. We’re delighted with the increasing number of young creatives participating. Each voice whether from the youth divisions or adult division provide unique perspectives.

This year we had entrants from across the united states and internationally. Our farthest away entry was from China. The diversification of our entrants provides new voices and new insights of both this world and those worlds imagined. We are delighted to be able to include these voices for you.

For the second year, Sibyl’s Scriptorium partnered with Fyrecon, a conference on Science Fiction and Fantasy writing and art. We’re happy to report that the relationship continues to prove beneficial where for the first time we’re able to offer trophies to the first-place winners. These are in addition to the prizes Fyrecon continues to offer our winners including discounted memberships offering the chance to explore perfecting creative endeavors through the hands-on classes and workshops.

Next year, we expect more challenges, more great changes, and new visions to come. We hope you will all join us again.

Publication Information
Editors: Rachelle Funk and Jenna Eatough
Authors: Ellie Jae Kenworthy, Kess Johnson, Savannah Bennett, James Wymore, Joshua P. Sorensen, Genevieve McFadden, Nina Yardley, Raul Martinez, John M. Olsen, Julie Frost, CJ West, Elena Sichrovksy, and Brian J. Szyszko
Illustrators: Anastasia Bolinder, Xiaoxia Ye, and Andre' T. Lovato
Cover Artist: Rob Carlos
Published by: Sibyl's Scriptorium
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Date: 2018
ISBN: 978-1720740254
Pages: 118

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