Sibyl’s Scriptorium Vol. 1

Sibyl's Scriptorium Volume 1 edited by Author Jenna Eatough
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Welcome to the debut edition of Sibyl’s Scriptorium. Over the years as Contest Coordinator, I have had the chance to see many excellent entries to Life, the Universe, & Everything: The Marion K. “Doc” Smith Symposium on Science Fiction and Fantasy (LTUE) contests. We are excited to publish this year’s winners in Sibyl’s Scriptorium.

For 31 years and counting, the LTUE Symposium has been dedicated to assisting authors, poets, and illustrators improve their craft. Practice is an important part of learning. That is why the contests exist. That is what our goal is: to aid creators in learning how to perfect their craft. We have several vehicles to assist in this process. We have made a number of changes this year, all of which lead up to the Sibyl’s Scriptorium publication.

Æther Illustration Contest is the newest of the contests, but it is not the least. It began this year and gives LTUE’s illustrators a chance to compete as well. This contest was overdue, and we are thrilled with the works we have already witnessed.

DragonComet Short Story Contest was the first of all the contests sponsored by LTUE. Writing has always been at the core of LTUE, and that this contest was the first is no surprise. In its section you will find a great variety of short stories.

Odyssey Poetry Contest entries show stunning vistas of imagination. Poetry allows a connection to imagination different from either of the other contests. Come immerse yourself in the vistas created by this year’s winners.

Every story included in these pages is the dream of its creator. For years the Contest Committee has read a range of stories and poetry but never had a means of sharing them with a broader audience. We know that while being recognized with an award is wonderful, what illustrators, authors, and poets really want is to be able to share their work with everyone. We are pleased to at last be able to share their dreams with you.

Publication Information
Editors: Ryan Anderson, Jenna Eatough, and Heidi Grover
Authors: Anneka Winder, Mary W. Jensen, Mary R. Payne, Avery Kenison, Anneka Winder, Megan Grey, Bonnie R. Jensen, Michele Johnson, and Nichole Eck
Illustrators: Syd Denise, Amie Ballamis, and E. D. Kerr
Cover Artist: James A. Owen
Published by: Sibyl's Scriptorium
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Date: 2014
ISBN: 978-1494992910
Pages: 140

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