Sibyl’s Scriptorium Vol. 4

Sibyl's Scriptorium Volume 4 edited by Author Jenna Eatough
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Welcome to Sibyl’s Scriptorium, Volume 4. We’re glad you have found your way here and know you will enjoy our winning entries. Prepare for a journey to ocean, the stars, and within your own mind. Images which capture castles, to the woods, and the undead. First though, a look behind to see what happened and a glimpse of what is to come.

Sibyl’s Scriptorium underwent a large change this year. We have joined forces with Fyrecon, a new conference on Science Fiction and Fantasy writing and art. Our partnership with Fyrecon has afforded us new opportunities for our entrants, including new prizes of discounted or free passes for winners. More details to come on that.

To coordinate with our new home, we have rearranged our entry deadlines to July 1st, November 1st, and March 1st. I feel the new deadlines will allow our younger entrants better opportunities to enter the contests as the dates more closely correspond to school calendars.

2017 was an excellent year for your contests. We saw a larger number of entries than ever, including from our Young School Age and School Age divisions. The contests are meant to give a practical experience to our learners. We’re delighted to see some many young creatives participating.

We’ve had new celebrity judges lend their time and expertise to the contests. To all of our new judges, welcome. We know that your, both our returning judges and new judges, is precious. We appreciate your support and the feedback you have provided our entrants. Learning what they have done, both areas they have done well in and what they can work on next, is an important aspect of these contests.

As always, the Æther Illustration, DragonComet Short Story, and Odyssey Poetry Contests continue to offer everyone an opportunity to put their skills to use. Each contest showcases a different set of skills and those showcased in this anthology are great examples of the best in each division. We are glad to welcome PhoenixMoon to the ranks of our contests and winners. The entries, both individually done or created by teams, were a delight to see and include in our anthology.

Next year, we expect more great changes to come. We hope you will all join us again and can’t wait to see the new year’s entries.

Publication Information
Editors: Rachelle Funk and Jenna Eatough
Authors: Cassie Kreyling, Taya Waggoner, Skye Caden, Emily Grace Blair, Madeika Vercella, Joshua P. Sorensen, Brieanna Thrall, Kelley Hicken, Eshe J. Rienne, Sky Caden, Telisa S. Owens, Kat Marsden, Ainsley Geary, K. T. Woods, Christina Parks, Jennifer A Wood, Jenna Bowman, Jay Barnson, Erik David Perez, Spencer Holt, D. Bradford Gambles, Robert Perez, Brian J. Szyszko, and Ferdinand J. Cosico
Illustrators: Alex Ducos, Emily Clair, Zoe Clair, Alex Worthen, Rachelle Hardy, and Andre' T. Lovato
Cover Artist: Erin Kerr
Published by: Sibyl's Scriptorium
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Date: 2017
ISBN: 978-1546896852
Pages: 260

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