Worlds Remade

Word Prompt: I used to have a brother, you know

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

“I used to have a brother, you know.” The casualness of Ian’s words caught my attention first. He sat with his hands folded behind his head and chair tilted back waiting for the device’s latest results.

Then his words hit me. “But you’re an only child?” I scrunched my brow. No, didn’t list any siblings. I’d scoured the personal files when they’d brought me onboard. And internet… research as well.

What else could I have done? Blackbird International’s premier research team hand selected me for their project. A project to change the world.

Ian nodded. “I am now.”

Blinking, I typed commands into the counsel. “I-I’m sorry for your loss.” How had I missed reports of a brother’s death?

Ian shrugged. “What lose? In this world, Glenn was never born.”

I curled my wrists back as submitted the command. “I don’t understand.” I swiveled toward Ian. He still sat completely unphased.

“You will, and I want to say I’m sorry now.”

A wave rippled from the device surging over us. My head swam as it struck, rocking me in my chair. A hand grabbed my shoulder and steadied me.

“Wha-what happened?” I asked pushing hair back. Too long of hair and too thin of hand. I stared at it confused.

“I did say I’m sorry.” I looked up and Ian looked at me mournfully. His eyes shouldn’t be blue. “But you’re the best chance to reset our world.” He didn’t say it, but I knew the cost was my world.

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