Word Prompt: I knew exactly what would happen; then it didn’t

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

“I plotted everything to the minutest details. I knew every player involved. Their reactions. Their thought processes. Their abilities. Everything.”

Cenfre looked at the square. Men and woman hobbling about helping each other up, tables and carts lay overturned, and the cake broken and splattered everywhere.

Cenfre turned back to Eryeth, frowning at the frosting decorating her dress. “I knew exactly what would happen.” He squeezed her hand tightly. “And then… then it didn’t.”

Cenfre shook his head and turning fully to Eryeth took both her hands. He dropped to his knee managing not to flinch as the frost squelched beneath it. Tugging on her hands he drew her a step closer. “Nevertheless, Lady Eyreth, light of all Arealith, do me honor and grant me your hand for the rest of our days?”

He pressed her fingers against his chest, noting her parted mouth and wide eyes. Her eyes fluttered for a moment. The answer was coming. Cenfre knew it was coming, and he would finally gain his dreams. Gain esteem unbounded.

“No.” Eryeth tugged her hands free and stepped backward quickly, gathering her skirts between fisted fingers.

“N-no?” Cenfre repeated.

“No.” Eryeth twirled about and took off down the street running. The leap she managed over the baker’s still fallen table was as graceful as it was surprising.

Cenfre remained kneeling in the frosting as he stared after her. “No?” He hadn’t expected that either.

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