Little Mother

Word Prompt: Mother Hates Her

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

“Mother hates her.” Kiriel scrapped his tail over the stone floor as he arced around the small white dragon curled in the room’s single lighted patch. Her twitching tail tip was the only sign she’d heard him.

Kiriel glanced beyond her. Clucious circled on her other side. Even in the dim light his red scales were vibrant. As his brother slunk closer to her, he knew he’d caught the Little Mother’s disquiet as well.

“A rare situation in truth.” He hissed stretching his neck. He snuffled as he extended his snout toward her.

The white dragon uncoiled, the chamber echoing with the strength of her tail striking the ground. She lunged toward Clucious quicker than Kiriel could follow. Her claws raked his snout.

Blood spurted out and his brother pulled back shaking his head. Eyes widening as he looked at the Little Mother standing tensely before him with smoke trickling from her jowls.

“Not so little I cannot bite,” she hissed. “And bite worse than that should I choose.”

Kiriel chuffed. Not so far out of kindling and already a firebrand. She would be worth watching, worth pursuing as she aged. Assuming she bore the Queen Mother’s wrath for aiding the runt.

The Little Mother swung toward him and a gout of flame, colder than any he breathed washed over him. A mother’s breath.

He skittered backward even as Clucious retreated too. The Little Mother advanced on him, and Kirial huffed bobbing his head low. Worth watching indeed.

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