WIthin the Music

Don't be scared. I need you to come with me

Music can be moving. Where can it take you?

Don’t be afraid. Come with me.

Janis bolted up, clutching the thin blanket. Gulping air, she forced the tune from her mind. A tune baring words only she’d heard within the music. Others shifted in the dark dorm adding creaking springs to the chorus of snores. Beyond was the constant hiss of steam moving through the machinery.

She rubbed her eyes as the last strains faded. Janis hadn’t dreamt the tune in years. No one did. Her few probes had gotten that much before others shut down, refusing to meet her gaze or greetings.

A whistle shredded the calm and lamps flicked to life rousing grumbles. Elim sat up across from her, a garbled noise accompanying his stretch. Smacking his lips, he looked at Janis with the start of a grin.

Her echoing smile died as a scowl took the grin’s place. Leaning down Elim stomped his feet into the boots. “Let it go, Janis.” His voice was too low to carry to others. Before she could respond, he hastened quickly from the room.

She scowled after him missing his jokes. The room emptied quickly as Janis readied slowly. She wasn’t rushed for another day of drudgery. Standing, she turned toward the exit.

And stopped.

The melody came from behind. Turning, she looked at the blank metal wall. And the door standing open spilling light and music.

Don’t be afraid. Come with me.

The same door she’d followed the piper through as a child. Unafraid, Unafraid, Janis ran to the light.

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