Death Plague: Day 1

The Death Plague

The Death Plague has struck.

There had been warning signs, but we’d ignored them. I’d ignored them. Honestly, I hadn’t had time to pay attention and failed at leading my colony.

I should have paid attention when our sister colony was struck first. Rising Light had sent out distress signals. I’d ordered supplies sent, rendered what aid we could, and kept on with our tasks.

I ignored the first signs of faulty ventilation and the mild cough that had begun to creep through the population. There had been so much to do and so little time to get it done in. The year’s end was coming up fast. A scant ten days remained to prove the colony for the year.

Instead of pushing forward with our tasks, proving our worth to the galactic whole, my colony has fallen into a hole.

I can no longer ignore the growing breathing problems, the parts of the colony that stumble through their tasks too weary for more, or the growing tension. The computers are barely functioning, and simple tasks programmed in come out garbled.

I contacted the Warlocks. They gave us what help they could, but the Death Plague is spiraling about the colony. Even they can’t always break it’s hold.

I’ve done what I can. I am ordering the colony to regroup and retreat behind walls. Perhaps a period of isolation will prove our colony unworthy of their attention. I look at Rising Light and all the other colonies the Death Plague have struck and all I can do is hope so.

I don’t know who will get this log. Honestly, I hope I’m around to delete it. But if we’re gone. Be warned.

The Death Plague is out there.

The Commander

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