Sparkles on the Waves

The ocean was my greatest betrayer

A flash fiction glimpse of a glimpse. What is worth chasing to you?

Stars, like me, fish the seas. We cast our lines to plink against the waves, one glimmer of light to another. I know you think that’s sun or starlight sparkling across the ocean top, but its not. What’s really shinning is a wish. A hope. A dream.

We stars live for those. We reflect those.

We hunt those.

I hunted those.

At least until the ocean betrayed me.

I’d been drifting. Skimming the clouds really. Just lazily moving along searching for a glint that spoke to me and missing every shinny one to another star. There’s a lot of us stars up there, you know. All searching and vying for the same sparkles.

I should have known better.

The other stars turned away from that spot, but it had shone so. I dropped my line and I caught it.

Or it caught me.

All my years fishing had never prepared me for that. I was used to joy from dreams, but the ache. I’d never felt something so intense. How long had she chased her star? How bright was it to blind her so and leave a path of broken moments in its wake? So much pain and still she chased.

Oh, the ache knocked me. Knocked me straight from the sky to here.

Here where you’re staring and listening and not believing me. Well, I’m done answering your questions. But I’ve got one for you. When can I meet her?

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