Vampire Spider

Let that be the end of the matter

Today I am combining both my Wednesday Words prompt and the Fyretober prompt. Enjoy my Wednesday Words and day 13 entry in Fyrecon’s Fyretober!

The screams had stilled but firelight danced a bright counterpoint to Aere’s heart. The destruction ran along the logs joined where the house’s stone corners met. Before the structure three men watched the thatch roof collapsed. At their center, silhouetted by flames, Flanagan lazily held his torch. The other two were strangers but stank of the village.

“You’re sure this was it?” One turned toward Flanagan, the fire illuminating his pudgy profile. There was nothing enticing about that man, a distaste worsened by his question. Where had the concern been before they’d acted? They should’ve stayed home.

Flanagan nodded, a terse movement. “Yes, this was their spider’s nest, and they burn in it. Let this be the end of the matter.” He held hand before him, quickly tracing the hunters’ pattern, a damnation to those he condemned. The men turned away into the darkness, back toward Idsic. They trade nosily, their path easily marked by beasts through broken twigs and laughter.

Aare bared her teeth. They laughed.

The bush barely rustled as she emerged to stand at the edge of the light pooling still form the house. Another equally silent form appeared on her left. She nodded to her brother, but his eyes remained locked on the house.

“A spider’s nest? Does that make us vampire spiders?” He grinned looking away from the destruction.

Aere nodded. “And woefully for them, the young scurried before the flames.” Aere turned. More of her siblings watched them in the darkness. Idsic would pay.

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