Artistic Phoenix

Fyretober 2021

Welcome to day 14 of Fyretober! I hope you’re all enjoying a month of flash fiction as much as I am. Enjoy today’s writing challenge from Fyrecon’s Fyretober!

Art is life and the countryside was Aeric’s canvas. His talons clenched the branch as he tilted this way that appraising his latest work.

Pity. The lines on the left side weren’t as fine as he wished. They’d blurred over there, the crisp edges smooshing into waves of rolling bright reds trailing smudges of dark grays and black. At least the light played well through the grasses. This did show greater control then his previous attempts. Still. his masterpieces remained elusive.

As elusive as keeping those things from spoiling is work. Thy were swarming out from behind where they’d constructed their own masterpiece. Though what that masterpiece looked like varied everywhere Aeric visited.

What didn’t vary was their fervent disapproval of his artistic style. And from the look of pitch forks and torches (really, what use did they think those were against him?) it appeared here was not the exception he’d been hoping for.

Aeric sighed. Wings beating the air, he shored away before the crowd was more than halfway across the valley. Glancing back, he took in the burning tree that was his signature. No, this place wouldn’t have been his masterpiece anyway.

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“Fyretober isn’t for just writers or just artists. It’s for everyone who loves to create, and this month we’re looking to see your flash fiction, poetry, and illustrations every day. We’ll be providing daily prompts for the month and want to see what new concepts and wonders you can make with them.

Join the creation fun and share your work with us.

This isn’t a contest. But that doesn’t mean we won’t be giving out random prizes for amazing work.”

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