The icy grip caressed my spine

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

The icy grip caressed my spine. Without thinking I spun my staff and brought the crook down on the ground behind me. A high pitch yelped sounded followed by the sounds of a creature scurrying away. I glanced back and caught a dash of red disappearing into the barn.

Drat. Now I’d have to explain to mother why the tufte would be vexed with us, or rather me. Again. What had he wanted anyway?


Shrugging I trudged through the snow, lifting my feet to clear the snow piles. Pulling the barn door wide, I stomped in shaking snow as I went.

“Tuf-te!” I peered into stalls and up at the loft. Nothing seemed different from when I’d finished my chores though. “Tuf-te. I’ve got a gift for you.” I dug into my pocket, searching for something, anything.

A low growl sounded behind me. I turned and prowling in through the still open door was a cougar. I gulped and glanced about before grabbing up a rake. That’s what the tufte wanted. A warning!

I hollered holding the pitchfork in front of me. The cat seemed unimpressed and bounded toward me.

A foot caught my chest, not the claws of the cat, but something else. The force shoved the air from my lungs and sent me flying into the stall I’d left open and piled high with dung.

When the world stopped spinning, I saw the grinning tufte standing at the door. “Does this make us even?” I asked.

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