Around Again

Always begin with a brilliant first line

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

Master Woodruff paced past my desk without stopping, but his gait slowed noticeably. His wand tapped between my shoulders as I knew it would, and Woodruff continued his circuit.

“Remember, always begin with a brilliant first line.” I wished he’d given it seconds earlier, or that I’d been less eager. He paused at the front looking at me. His cheeks scrunched perplexed.

Did he know? How could he? He’d said nothing the last… well, I’d lost track of the loops. I flipped through my tome seeking the incantation to break the spell and get out of this class.

I could ask Master Woodruff. He’d surely know, but not without admitting I’d jumped ahead in the lesson. Again.

I didn’t want to be dismissed today.

I glanced over my shoulder and saw the table shoving toward me. “Watch out runt!” My quill scraped over the page as the wood hit my back.

Time stretched. I could feel my body straining forward. Time pressing me to come along as I should. But the tether pulled stronger, yanking me back to the loops beginning.

Laughter barraged my ears, and the chant started again. “Magic runt! Magic runt!” I still couldn’t tell who started it, but it ended when Woodruff entered.

The others scurried to their seats even as he scowled at me. I flipped open my tome, glanced away, and reassured myself again he couldn’t know what I’d done. And when I fixed this, he’d never need know.

Only a few more loops.

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