With Power Unbound

No one knew this is how it ended

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

Ralphine thought she still sat slumped in the alley, but she could see none of it. Power warped her vision from reality as it seeped further into her.

Seeped wasn’t right. For all it entered through the wound in her side, she felt it meld with her amplifying what lay within.

Amplifying her anger.

Her thoughts playing over the last moments. The magic coursing uncontrolled through the sky. Aeri. The ally. Her friend Aeri.

The knife.

How could she?

They’d worked to release the magic from the wizards. Power those few had dribbled out slowly leaving most without.


The magic roiled at this thought. A tempest barely contained.

The betrayal.

She’d joined them, worked to release magic for everyone. But they’d betrayed that ideal. They wrested power for themselves. Magic still controlled by few.

No, magic belonged to life. To the many.

Or to none.

The world snapped back into view, and Ralphine sat in a dark chamber filled with shadowed forms.

No, they wouldn’t have it. Her eyes narrowed. “No one knew this is how it ended.” The power snapped. Surged away from her… to nothing.

Hands shook her shoulders. “Ralphine! Ralphine!” a voice demanded. “Where has the magic gone?”

She curled over, her hand going to the healed scar on her side and laughed. Laughed until tears over came her and laughed on. Taking a shuddering breath, she looked into a man’s eyes. Their leader. Hers no more.

Ralphine grinned. “To where none can abuse it again.”

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