It was a tiny issue but a lot seemed to rest on it

Welcome to Wednesday’s flash fiction wherein I write, as part of a group, a flash fiction based on the same short prompt and post the story. Here’s my contribution.

Cirani breathed as the cursor flashed on the line. Rubbing his eyes, he stared. One character? Was it that? He’d been searching for. . . “Time?” he asked.

“Three minutes remaining,” Arilin said, her voice twinging from the improvised speaker. “From monitoring the battle, they may get you a few more minutes. Should I ask?”

Glancing at the clock, “no,” Cirani said. Three minutes was enough. He inserted the missing character and the system whirled testing for mistakes. Arilin would’ve compile it faster, but wasn’t compatible.

The door shuddered. He grasped his blaster. “Please work.” He should’ve taken the time.

Don’t forget to read the other’s takes on the prompt. More stories go up throughout the day. Be sure to check our page on Facebook for updates as everything becomes available: WonHundred Words.

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