The Lost

The rumor that he was missing was pleasing for grandda

Another Wednesday, another flash fiction. Enjoy the story!

Jud stood in front of the notice board thumbs tucked into his belt loops. People milled about him, all fifty or older he knew. Milled searching the endless wall of photos. A woman next to him reached out a trembling hand touching one. A quick glance told him she’d found herself.

Taking a step away, Jud watched her walk off to the counter. One more lost soul who’d found herself. He searched the wall hoping. There. His gaze fixed on a flyer and he saw himself staring back. Stepping away from the wall, he glanced at the counter and headed for the exit instead.

“No luck today?” the attendant said as he held the door open.

Jud shook his head hunching his shoulders. “Nope.”

“Ah well, we’ll get in a new batch in a couple days. Try then.” The man offered Jud an encouraging smile. “I’m sure someone is missing you.”

Nodding, Jud slipped past the man and out to the street. Half a block away, he paused and turned back. He grinned at the building. Finally, he’d been reported as one of the missing. Now his work could begin.

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