A small, handwritten envelope caught his attention

Another Wednesday, another flash fiction. Enjoy the story!

The bonfires blazed before him mocking night’s grasp on the city. Wellind stood on the cobbles as another crowd surged past him with another load, jostled but standing still. Danwan was falling and with it went the art and history.

Paper fluttered on the ground as leaves cast off from a time that no longer needed them. His boots crunch across the documents as he drifted toward the Drali river. The surface was a churning mass, dotted by more parchment. Which end would he chose? Fire or water? He leaned over the railing and hung his head.

A small envelop had caught under the pole on the opposite side, out of the view of the masses. Crouching he retrieved it. The front bore a single hand-written word, Wellind.

Straightening he looked around, but no one was near. He opened the envelop beneath his cloak.

Not all is lost. Seek. Find. Guard. That is your task and you are the only one who can complete it.
Uneri, Seer of Danwan

Wellind raised his head. Scanning the crowd there was no one nearby. None looked his way as they were still consumed in their righteous madness. Wellind looked back down at the letter. The Seer had divined him?

There was a second page, a map though he could not place the landmarks. He looked again to the bonfires and tucked the letter into his vest, though being caught with it would mean death, and retreated to where night still ruled.

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