The Last Trial

They had to get past that slobbering hound

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

After century and a half Kosmos’ ineptitude still shocked me. In unison, the three stared dumbfoundedly at him. He twitched what constituted his head, equally dumbfounded at our shock.

Yes, we had to get past that slobbering hound! The last, famous, dangerous barrier to freedom had struck Theano, Scylax, and me before attempting to wriggle through the underworld’s barriers.

But not Kosmos. Why would he consider Cerberus, the devourer of souls?

Theano scowled at Kosmos. “What’s your brilliant plan?” Falsely cheeriness tainted her voice.

Missing her sarcasm, Kosmos’ spirit brightened. Scylax waived his arms, attempting to dissipate the glowing delight from Kosmos. “Same way I tamed all my hounds!” Kosmos pushed away sailing over the boulder and into Cerberus’ view.

Cerberus surged into movement as Kosmos positioning himself to meet the hound’s force, as if he meant to wrestle the beast.


The thought filled my head even as I hoped he would succeed. But Cerberus tore into him, ripped his spirit to shreds, and his three heads slurped his soul’s remnants.

“Now what?” Scylax whispered?

Theano and I waived shushingly as the hound snuffled closer. The top of a head was visible over the boulder when the beast wailed and vanished. We glanced around the boulder and the beast surged toward a man, one also in a wrestling pose. The man lived, however. He grasped Cerberus, thrusting him to the floor.

“Now!” I cried. Not waiting I surged forward past the man and beast and into the night.

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