September 23rd

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September 23rd.

Looking at my blog and realizing how long it has been since I last posted flash fiction on September 23rd is hard. At the start of September, I had posted about the health struggles I had been going through since the start of July. They are still going on. Unfortunately, those same struggles have affected my capacity to write, and my capacity to read.

I needed to give myself time to heal, and I’m still not there. Progress is being made, and I’m slowly getting answers. There are still more pieces to find and more time to recover.

However, I am a writer. Not writing drives me insane. So, I’m trying something new. Thanks to the encouragement of my friends, especially Martin Shoemaker, I’m trying out voice dictation to see if this will allow me to reconnect with words. This post was written using that method.

Well I am sad to see the empty weeks on my blog, I know they will not stay empty. I will find ways to write. Those weeks will be filled with the stories I would have written if I had been up to it. For now, writing far slower than I like, but I will keep creating and sharing the worlds which are still vibrantly alive inside my head.

I am an author, and I can’t wait to share again.

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