In Confusion’s Time

Author Jenna Eatough's Flash Fiction Story from writing prompt: The fence was confused

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

“If a fence could talk, this one would sound confused.” Beorrice tapped the wooden planks with his cane and quirked his eyebrow at me.

I rested my chin on curled fingers and hummed as if considering his point.

I didn’t paused because I didn’t understand.

The planks, solidly wedged against together showed beyond only through glass ovals inset across the top. Through each I saw a different season.

I’d paused to annoy Beorrice. It worked.

Harrumphing he turned marched. His steps accented with faltering jerks as he stabbed the ground with his cane. “If you can’t see it, Keire…”

I waited three more furious steps before rushing after him. “Now Beorrice,” I caught his elbow, “you needn’t pout.”

He stopped short, twisted, and cast furious shock my way. “Pout? I never!”

Patting his arm, I steered him away from the council chambers consolingly. I needed to delay him, not place him in an unbearably foul mood. “Tell me about the fence.” I motioned to the structure.

He sniffed.

“Why does it reflect different seasons?” My soft voice coaxed him along.

Clucking, he tromped a moment longer. “Because the silly sorceress Genwaradys melded a teleportation spell with unstable time incantations.” Snorting, Beorrice glanced at the fence again. “If the council hadn’t walled off her mess…” He shook his head.

Beorrice had walled off the mess. A fact the council recognized. I watched the two members dart inside with more decoration. A fact they’d celebrate today.

If I distracted Beorrice long enough.

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