Claiming Light

Author Jenna Eatough's Flash Fiction Story from writing prompt: She was disgusted he couldn't tell the difference

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

Meerthyn stood before her mentor’s desk watching the two jars laid upon it. One held his light. The other hers.

Her stomach twisted as the thought she’d fail escaping his shadow again assailed her. How long could she try to earn her own light?

Rubbing his chin Danmar considered the jars. “I see no difference,” he announced pushing her jar away with the tip of his wand.

Meerthyn’s shoulders went slack. He couldn’t tell the difference? She felt disgusted he couldn’t tell the difference! Hers obviously held a deeper, more majestic shade of green than his.

Meerthyn pushing the jar back toward him. “Then you obviously didn’t look.”

Danmar didn’t raise his head, though his eyes shifting up carried an obvious disapproval. She’d seen that warning often.

Ignored it as well.

“Look again,” she insisted.

“They are the same,” he said without inflection.

“They are not.”

“They are.”


“Master Danmar,” his voice went cold.

“Only because you won’t allow me to advance.” Meerthyn ignored the warning in his voice.

“I can neither allow nor deny you. You must earn it.” He flicked the jar away.

Grabbing her jar, she shoved it back toward him. The light flared, changing from deep green to a glaring red. Jumping back she rubbed her hand as if burned.

Danmar leaned back shaking his head. “That is one way to differentiate your light. But consider if you wish to follow that path?”

Swallowing, Meerthyn stared at the light. What had he done?

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