The conversation began playfully

What is WonHundred Word Wednesdays? It’s when a group of amazing authors and I write 100 word stories all based on the same short prompt and post them. All the variations are fun to read.

“What happened here?” Malachi’s radiance cast the fiend’s destruction in relief. He couldn’t ignore her actions. Not now. I’d been attacked. My hydrangeas destroyed!

Isabelle shrugged, clasping her hands behind her. The vixen didn’t fool me. She was showing off her . . . assets. “The conversation began playfully.”

“Playfully!” A ludicrous thought. “Playful by your standards perhaps. Not that you’ve any.”

I took a step back as the succubus glowered at me. Hellfire. She had hellfire in her eyes! Malachi stepped between us. “No!” I screamed covering his first word. His tone was enough; she was being reprieved again.

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