She threw her bag on the floor

Another Wednesday, another flash fiction. Enjoy the story!

Raizel’s satchel hit the ground with a sodden thump. Milo shifted, raising his head from the map they inspected. Those rest ignored her interruption. She was nothing to them. Milo, however, rocked backward hand clutching his knife.

Though beautiful, the blade was perhaps a short for him. The workmanship was magnificent where her knife was plain and utilitarian. That pommel was twisted tree roots disappearing beneath the brown leather wrapped grip. Hers wouldn’t be with her long now. One way or another.

Bowing, Raizel stepped back.

Milo clapped the shoulder of the man next to him. Milo pealed away from the crowd. Raizel raised her chin as he stooped to retrieve the bag. As he opened the bag, Raizel’s nose twitched at the increased scent of copper. He inspected the contents without word.

One heartbeat. Two. She forced herself to breath.

His eyes met her gaze again slowly. The motion was fluid, a blink and she would have missed as he flung the bag toward the hearth and the fire within.

His hand went back to the knife. The blade barely scrapped the scabbard as he drew it, his wrist twisting so the blade paralleled his arm. Clenching her teeth, she refused to move though. Let it come if he was displeased with her offering.

The blade flashed as he shifted his stance and offered her the pommel. “Welcome to the hunt, Raizel.”

Drawing her knife, Raizel grinned and exchanged the blade with him. His again until his next student.

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