The picture lied

Happy Halloween! I hope today’s flash fiction is a treat and not a trick.

Crouching low, Cheskel glowering at the offensive portrayal. His beloved Arlene framed along with him. He’d seen the lie of that frozen bliss the moment she’d opened the package. Why hadn’t she? Why had Arlene gifted a position of honor?

Cheskel bobbed his head determined. The man was a warlock. He’d locked her sense within that lie. What other explanation was there?

No. This would not stand. Cheskel would free her. Slinking forward, Cheskel’s ears twitched straining to hear Arlene’s movement. She’d left for the kitchen but could return. Nothing. Good.

Cheskel crouched before the unprotected silver frame and swatted at the it. The impact shuddered through his frame and Cheskel knew his attack was true. The clash as the vile object hit the floor was pleasant indeed. Shivering happily, he sat tall as she entered the room.

“Cheskel!” she shrieked. Looking from him to the broken frame and shattered glass below. She rushed over her hands clenching and lifting him from his perch. He twisted in her grip willing her to put him down even as she carried him toward the door. She was strong though, or the spell on her was, and Cheskel couldn’t escape before Arlene yanked the door open and threw him out.

He twisted in the air and landed on his paws as the door thumped closed. Sitting back on his haunches, Cheskel looked at the house and let out a plaintive meow.

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