I'm tired of doing what you say

Another Wednesday, another flash fiction. Enjoy the story!

I jerked as my headphones where yanked away. “Hey!” I swiveled my chair around. Oh. Rick stood gripping my head phones tightly. Rolling my eyes, I turned back. I ‘d flick them back later.

“I wasn’t done with you.” Rick said behind me, his words a rumbling mess of sounds.

I leaned toward the report I was analyzing. “Faulty presumption.” I squinted at the columns of numbers. Something was off, but I couldn’t decide what. Pity about the headphones. Music helped me focus.

“Faulty?” he asked. His hand grabbed the chair’s back warning me to brace before I was thrown as he forcefully turned me. “Nothing faulty about it.”

“Faulty if you think I care what you want.” Bracing myself I pinned his hand between my back and the chair’s. I twisted abruptly gratified to hear his yelp.

A finger jabbed into the center of my back. I leaned forward trying to dodge away. “Listen here. I’m your superior here–”

“Superior?” I scoffed swiveling back glowering. “Just because by some mistake of fate your shuttle docked a week before mine doesn’t make you superior. Employing your braincells might but–”

This time I was cut off by his fist connecting with my chin. The chair spun, and I landed face first on my desk. Right over the report. The numbers swam like drunken stars beyond the ship’s hull before settling. “Huh.” I said. “Thanks for the help.” I dodged away before his brain churned out a comeback.

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