Home at Last

Word Prompt: She had never dealt with an experiment gone haywire before

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

Finally. Finally, they’d nearly reached the caves the professor had dug them into. A few more strides and she, Timothy, and Alessia would be home. She’d take a good long soak and the professor could deal with Josephine Maria Ziegler for a bit.

The gulch leading down appeared and Ollie half ran, half slid down the slope to the wood door shut snug against the orange stone. She wrenched the door open.

“We’re back, Pro-professor.” She hiccupped on his name. The entry chamber was filled with mechanics belching steam and careening about. The professor dangled the pinchers of a large one.

Her mouth fell open at the sheer madness. Even after months hauling Josephine about, Ollie had never dealt with an experiment gone haywire before. And this had to be madness. Where did she start righting things?

An elbow pushed Ollie aside as Josephine rushed forward. The woman paused, rolling forward on her toes and clapping her hands excitedly. She nearly bounced with giddiness. “Oh! What a marvelous puzzle!”

Josephine gathered up her skirts and rushed forward, twisting about the mechanics, ducking under swinging bars. Arriving at the side of the mechanic holding the professor, she yanked off a panel.

Ollie had to admit she must have dealt with this before. Because in moments she had a panel off and the mechanic dropped the professor next to Josephine. Holding out her hand, she beamed at him. “Professor!”

Ollie grunted. Of course they’d met before. They were both bonkers.

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