A Free Meal’s Price

Word Prompt: He just happened to walk down her street

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

Jasmine stood with her hand stretched out to catch raindrops. The endless city’s lights glared, blinding beneath the sheer number of them. She’d missed true dark since arriving on this forsaken planet.

A world she’d had left but for one man. The only one who could release her. And he just happened to be walking down her street: Ted, the Interactive Assurance Liaison.

She’d tried before, but he bolted from direct requests. Leaning back against her shop’s doorframe, she watched the rain ignoring him. Though she heard others calling, chasing him right to her shop.

He huffed loudly. “What are you after today?” he asked when she didn’t move.

Jasmine turned back into her shop. “Ted,” a voice cried. Harried footsteps and the door clicked closed behind her.

Jasmine circled the counter where three large pots bubbled full of aromatic soup. She dished a bowl from the fourth, smaller pot and set it on the counter.

“What do you want for it?” His voice held suspicion thickly.

Jasmine looked up. “For the soup? Nothing.” She returned to cooking. Waiting.

Ted retrieved the soup, slurping it loudly as he quickly drained the bowl. The bowl clicked when he set it back empty.

Jasmine retrieved a vial from her shirt pocket. “However, in exchange for this antidote I want off this rock.”

Ted’s gaze dropped from her to the bowl and back, as a scowl settled on his face. A scowl followed by a deep cough. This time she had him.

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