Found with the Universe

Author Jenna Eatough's Flash Fiction Story from Writing prompt: And now the universe is speaking

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

Avery slid into the chair, sighing as the planetarium theater’s lights lowered. After the last day solace was all she wanted. The gangly teen’s voice squeaked over the speakers, but even the occasional speaker squall couldn’t wreck her mood.

Lights, lasers, projections. All of it mundane. Avery sighed and closed her eyes.

The rumble of music in the room softened until quiet tones alone remained in the room. “And now the universe is speaking.” The teen clicked off their microphone with that statement.

“That’s not how the universe sounds,” a shrill voice said next to her.

Avery opened her eyes wide, stared straight ahead, and clutched her armrests. No, it couldn’t be. Blinking once, Avery slowly turned to her left where the voice had come from.

Above the seat a small form bobbed as if sitting on water, but with her legs crossed as if on a chair. She’d tucked a crooked finger under her chin. Saega.

How had the pixie found her? There wasn’t a trace of anything natural in the room.

Flinging out her hand dismissively, Saega turned toward Avery. “The universe is far more pompous.”

Avery jerked her head forward again and closed her eyes, muttering to herself that pixies weren’t real.

A small hand smacked the side of her nose. “Stop that. Absurd thoughts won’t banish me, and we’ve work to do.”

Rubbing her nose, Avery scowled as she opened her eyes. She and Gran would have to have words about appropriate gifts.

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