Flash Fiction Word Prompt: Quick, this way

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

Ralphine backed away, the heal of her boot catching on a cobble stone. Horror, shock, and dismay deadened her reactions and she fell eyes still looked on the sky. Magic freed from the wizard’s decanter swirled out from the library. A silent wave of power gathering until it collapsed over the city.

What had she done?

And how could no one see.

Those around her remained oblivious. Other than a scattering of puzzled looks her way the people continued in their stagnant plodding of the everyday. Ralphine sprung to her feet and leaned forward brushing at dust desperately.

A quick gait halted abruptly next to her, and Ralphine saw Ocelith emblems matching hers own on the cuffs. “Quick, this way.” The person darted away quickly, and Ralphine followed.

Her glanced skyward. How had the decanter held so much?

Ralphine the alley shadows spread about her, and a hand grabbed her elbow pulling her against the wall. Blonde hair. A slight scar beneath her lips.

“Aeri, there’s too much. The city can’t contain that.” She flicked her fingers skyward. Return magic to everyone. A noble goal, but they’d all burn under this onslaught.

Pain flared in her side, thin and sharp. A hilt pressed against her skin. Aeri’s lips had thinned to a determined line.

“Why?” She slid to the ground not listening for an answer. They wanted the coming chaos. Magic surged into Ralphine and her mouth opened in a silent scream. Oh, they wanted her for a living vessel.

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