Preparation Confusion

She tipped the contents on the floor

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

Ollie leaned against the wall watching as Josephine Maria Ziegler tipped the contents on the floor. “Ya ain’t disproving my point.” So much for her hopes that the woman could manage the rest of the trip in peace. A cog rolled across the length of the strider and bounced off Ollie’s boot.

Josephine paused still holding the drawer she’d extracted from the driver’s station. “If I’m not mistaken, we’ve nearly arrived?” She glanced toward the window.

Ollie glanced out. Light shone in the darkness beyond, a darkness brought on by actual night and not just the results of Josephine’s last explosive experiment. “I reckon we are.”

“Then we’ll need a mechanic.” She crouched down, swishing the parts about heedless of oil and grim contrary to every other situation.

“What makes you reckon that?” Ollie asked kicking away a larger gasket.

Josephine glanced to Timothy and Alessia. The pair sat flush against the farthest wall determinedly ignoring them. “How has our stops gone lately?” Her voice held false sweetness.

“Uhh.” Timothy’s brows climbed higher the longer he held the sound. Alessia ducked her head and examined her cards more closely.

Cowards. And while the stops hadn’t gone well of late, that had mostly been due to Josephine’s fluttering. She straightened standing clear of the wall and opened her mouth. Ollie glanced back at Timothy and his still ghastly black eye.

The result of Josephine’s last fit.

At least she was being proactive? “Fine.” Ollie shrugged and leaned back against the wall.

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