Aunt’s Call

She was in hysterics

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

At the end of the castle’s most secluded passage, Ullyne stared at me in desperation as she motioned toward the open chamber door. Divica’s chamber, and even from the corridor I heard she was in hysterics. Again.

“Thank you, Ullyne.” I grasped her arm, squeezing it slightly to reassure her she would not be held accountable. “Please inform Aunt we shall attend her briefly.”

Ullyne dropped into a bobbing courtesy before hurrying away. I swept into my cousin’s chamber.

The room was a disaster. The bureau’s contents lay scattered everywhere while Divica sobbed at her vanity. Plucking appropriate garments up, I strode to Divica who still ignored my presence.

I retrieved a kerchief and leaned over her shoulder, wiping her tears. “Hush Divica. Our Aunt’s prepared all your favorite foods for your honor banquet.”

“My honor?” Divica hiccup sobbed, moving as I tugged gently for her to stand. “If my honor concerned them, they’d all leave me alone!”

Divica ranted, and I cooed appropriately guiding her into clothing. So lost in her misery, she didn’t notice until I finished her hair. “How could you?” she said her voice edged with bitterness.

Raising one finger, I stalled her rage. “Defying our aunt is foolish. At times.” I attached my dagger to her belt. “But occasionally, it’s not.” Standing back, I grinned at the jeweled weapon. Beautiful, fanciful, and, in her hands, deadly.

Hiccupping, Divica placed her hand over the blade and grinned. Heavens help Aunt and her suitors.

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