Bound and Unbound

Author Jenna Eatough's Flash Fiction Story from writing prompt: He arrested the nurse

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

He arrested the nurse?” The quiet voice sounded loud in the still hallway. Even still, Arren couldn’t place the speaker in the eerily calm, yet packed hallway. The movement of speaking had been hidden.

Arren couldn’t blame them for their discretion in blending with the crowd, anymore then he blamed the morbid curiosity he knew had drawn them all into the building to begin with.

Had he not been the one in restraints, he’d have gawked. Perhaps he’d even been the first to voice the question.

Whoever voiced it, the soft bewilderment broke the silence.

Voices washed over Arren. The confusion turned quickly to anger, and he scrunched into his shoulders in response.

The patrol members, once his brethren, shoved the crowd back as they pressed closer. The two holding him marched faster.

They couldn’t outmarch the weight of his sin.

Arren had arrested the nurse caring for the Majestic unicorn’s foal.



The foal, the sole heir to the Majestic, would never bond with a human now.

The unicorns would follow her when she aged and withdraw.

They would be abandoned.

The magic would fade with them.

And Arren was to blame.

Trudging into the sun, he squinted before gazing at the stables. He knew what lay within where the crowd accusing him did not.

A farm with unicorns bound within feeding the magicians’ power. A reality hidden from the Majestic’s line.

Arren did not morn his choice. Not even when a foal whickered in distress behind him.

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